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Machine translation with AI

Localize texts better & faster thanks to artificial intelligence

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Machine translation with AI

Localize texts better & faster thanks to artificial intelligence

The first machine translation was produced by an IBM mainframe computer in 1954: 250 words from Russian into English. At about the same time, the term “Artificial Intelligence” appeared in the USA. Since then, scientists have been busy teaching machines to translate.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future in many areas. Thanks to deep learning, machine translation not only finally has a perspective.
As a neural translation solution, it has enormous potential.

We want you to use that.

You won't get very far without neural machine translation.

Do you offer more and more products in more and more markets? Do you have to serve new marketing channels with individual, localized content? This means that there is more and more content that has to be translated into more and more languages ​​- sometimes in real time.

If you want your communication to reach your target markets worldwide, there is no getting around NMT solutions.

With a good NMT solution, you will always get better.

Neural machine translation allows you to make your digital content available faster, more cheaply and more precisely in any target language. And best of all, your results just keep getting better. Because your NMT system learns with every translation.

Why should you speak to TermSolutions?

Quite simply: We are proven experts in the field of translation management. We have been developing technology solutions for multilingual processes for over 15 years. We are independent consultants. We are experienced coaches.

But mainly:

We offer you tailor-made advice for your machine translation projects.

NMT in a nutshell

Info webinar

For those who don't have much time, we'll explain in 45 minutes how neural machine translation works and what your options are.

In this free webinar we will show you how you can use NMT to increase the quality of your translation results and unify your corporate language. We explain how you benefit from shorter lead times and how you can communicate precisely in your international target markets. We explain how you can reduce your localization costs with less post-editing effort, and why you can achieve greater efficiency in your workflow with NMT by simply integrating everyone involved in the translation process via a digital platform.

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Introduce NMT - yes or no?

2-day proof of concept

We advise you individually and independently on the use of neural machine translation in your company.

Would you like to optimize your localization process and consider introducing NMT in your company? In this workshop we will jointly determine whether an NMT solution makes sense for you in terms of content and economics. We'll look at which types of text are suitable for machine translation. We define the system requirements and analyze your current situation. We check which changes or additions would be necessary and to what extent NMT would change your workflow - including pre- and post-editing. We deal with data security in the NMT process.

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NMT in action

Pilot project

Jump into the preheated water with us: In an NMT pilot project.

Adopting neural machine translation is a complex undertaking. The decision to do so should be carefully considered. Others would tell you that you have to plan at least six months before you have a ready-to-use, customized engine. We offer you an NMT pilot project: Manageable, calculable, extremely helpful for decision support and to be implemented at short notice.

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Would you like to implement your projects across locations, completely flexibly and as efficiently as possible? Then take a look at what we have to offer you in terms of virtual project management.

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