Terminology management with termXplorer


The terminology management system.

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The terminology management system.

  • Scalable and web-based: in the cloud or on premise
  • Convenient filter functions for your individual workflows
  • 3 levels with freely definable, unlimited data categories
  • Company-wide license
  • Integrated concept map function for taxonomies and ontologies
  • Easy import and export functions
termXplorer v02

With the terminology management system termXplorer, everyone can use your corporate language.

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not with the termXplorer terminology management system. termXplorer lets you coordinate your terminology as you wish: in any number of languages, web-based and platform-independent. And with our terminology management system, you can make your corporate language available throughout the entire company. termXplorer meets all the requirements of a modern, multilingual terminology management tool: You can work with freely definable data categories and a concept-oriented and term-autonomous entry structure. A comprehensive access and rights management system allows you to assign access, reading and writing rights for databases, languages or individual database levels to single users or user groups Configure your terminology management system exactly the way it makes the most sense for your company’s workflow.

With the terminology management termXplorer you can coordinate terminology online and collaboratively.

As soon as the terminology database is filled with a basic stock, your employees can get started and coordinate terminology. Anyone can access terminology via your intranet without having to log in. Extremely practical: the comment function with e-mail notification. The termXplorer has always been able to express relationships between terms: via notations or with internal links and specification of their relation – not only hierarchically, but also associatively. Since the 2018 release, these conceptual relationships can now be exported in graphML format and mapped in tools for displaying taxonomies and ontologies. Thanks to UTF-8, our terminology management not only supports languages ​​such as Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Automated data exports in many different formats are also possible. In addition to TBX and MultiTerm-XML, termXplorer also offers an Excel export, for example. The integration into other systems via web service interface is simple and can take place automatically, e.g. B. nightly as CronJob.

Do you want to test the new release yourself?

Our termXplorer terminology database in practice:

The termXplorer terminology management optimizes your terminology management - company-wide.

We always sell termXplorer with a company-wide license. You can integrate an unlimited number of terminology databases, entries and user accounts. With monthly, annual and two-year subscriptions, we offer you flexible all-round carefree solutions for your terminology management – including software maintenance and support. Alternatively, you can purchase a license and install termXplorer on your company’s own server. In this case you also need a software maintenance contract. Coordinating terminology couldn’t be more convenient.

Our license models for your terminology management at a glance:


Annual subscription
  • 12 months term
  • 1-day coaching included


2-year subscription
  • 24 months term
  • 1-day coaching included

Our entry-level model myTerm

Duration24 months12 and 24 months
Support included1 ticket per year1 ticket per quarter
Suggestion systemyesyes
Number of languages6, freely definableunlimited
Number of databasesunlimitedunlimited
Number of data categoriesunlimitedunlimited
Number of user groupsStandard - Expert - Adminunlimited
Number of usersunlimitedunlimited
Extensive export functionsyesyes
Backup functionyesyes
Complex filters for approval processesextra chargeyes
Log and statistics functionsextra chargeyes
Hidden Fieldsextra chargeyes
Comment functionextra chargeyes
Automatic email deliveryextra chargeyes
Import functionsextra chargeyes
Automated interfaces via APIextra chargeyes
Single Sign Onextra chargeyes
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