Do you need help with your terminology work?

With TermSolutions you are well advised.

Do you need help with your terminology work?

You are well advised with TermSolutions.

We prefer to work together with you.

Good coaching is not limited to knowledge transfer. It supports, supervises and guides. You cannot promise long-term success in advance. You have to see it develop as a result. We prefer to do that together with you. Because we value long-term, partnership-based cooperation. Our coaching will pick you up exactly where you are: before, during or after the introduction of a terminology management system. It’s never too early to talk to us. But thank God it’s never too late either. Because there is always something that you can optimize even further.

Good coaching is consulting and training.

It is in the nature of things that coaching focuses on the consulting aspect. However, it is very important to us to include sufficient training units. In this way, we can implement the knowledge we have gained – yours and ours – directly together with you. We are the neutral experts who bring external arguments and experience to your company or project. You determine the depth and duration of our coaching. Existing knowledge, the planned budget and your availability in terms of time determine the content and goals.

Our offer for you:

Train the Trainer with termXpert

Would you like to train terminology managers yourself and become a coach?

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Terminology work in the company
Compact coaching

Would you like it short and compact? In a 1-day workshop, we teach you the most important aspects that you need to consider when working with terminology.

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Introduce agile terminology management
Pilot project

Are you serious about terminology work? Together we will develop a concept for your company-wide terminology management and test it with your data in a pilot project. We use agile methods.

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Fit for the terminology circle
Intensive coaching

Would you like to get down to business? Then we talk about the basics of terminology work, terminology lists, databases and coordination processes. We sift through your terminology sources, establish rules for standardization, look at terminology in foreign languages and interfaces to other systems. Together we then define the principles for your company-specific terminology management, document it in a guide, present it to your terminology group and train your users.

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First aid for terminology managers
Ad hoc support

Do you have an acute problem or need short-term support? We are there for you - when, where and how you need us.

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Would you like more? Or something else?
Contact us. We make almost anything possible for you.

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