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Are you looking for a solution for your terminology management?

We have the best.

Are you looking for a solution for your terminology management?

We have the best.

Professional terminology work is a key to success.

Every company writes, uses and disseminates new texts all the time. How and where it is active determines whether it is not only in one language, but in two, three or many. The more languages there are in the game, the more important it is to use specific terms and their respective equivalents. In times of globalized markets and multilingual information processes, good terminology management is no longer a “nice to have”. It is a must. Because: If terminology is used inconsistently, incorrectly delivered spare parts and incomprehensible operating instructions are among the minor problems.

TermSolutions software tools will take you further.

In order to operate good terminology management, you need a professional terminology management system – and tools that make everyday work as easy as possible with it. Our software solutions offer you both. We have continuously optimized it over many years of development work. They have been tried and tested in practice and are used by many satisfied customers. Would you like to save your company time and money – and spare your nerves at the same time? Then take a look at what we have to offer you.

Managing terminology, checking terminology and exchanging data can be so easy.

As a web-based system for terminology management made possible termXplorer You can manage multilingual terminology online and make it available to every employee in the company – no matter where in the world. With the terminology check termXact Check quickly and easily directly during the text creation whether terminology is allowed or prohibited terms have been used. Incidentally, this also works outside of the office world. With the myTerm AddOn s you can adapt your system to the individual needs of your company – and turn termXplorer into a tailor-made solution for your terminology management. and tbxConnect automates the multidirectional data exchange between your various internal and external systems.

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