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We're not doing this for the first time.

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We're not doing this for the first time.

Experience in many industries is a great asset.

Experience is clearly a quality feature in the consulting business. We’ve been around for a really long time. And we’ve been successful for a long time – as the long list of awards below shows. In the last 15 years we have implemented over 600 terminology and translation management projects – in a wide variety of industries. It was always important to us to take the many small steps that lead to great success together with our customers.

Know-how is there to be passed on.

Together with twelve customer companies, we developed the termXpert method in 2009, which enables the optimal entry into terminology work. We have also continuously adapted our terminology management in countless projects together with our customers. Our termXplorer is so good because the experience from many system implementations has flowed into its development – and into every new release. We want to be directly on the questions and problems that arise during terminology work. Because only in this way can we provide answers and solutions that move you forward. Know-how is not there to be accumulated. You have to pass it on. That is why we are with lectures and workshops at meetings and conferences. And that’s why we publish regularly in specialist journals.

Satisfied customers are the best reference.

Ultimately, the only thing that counts is that you are satisfied with us. If you still want to know who we were able to convince with our work before you, here is an overview:

Our projects are success stories. You are welcome to read them yourself.

We are actually rather modest. We do not want to withhold our awards from you.

Would you like to try us out yourself? We look forward to your inquiry.

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