Data exchange with tbxConnect


Data exchange made easy.


Data exchange made easy.

With tbxConnect you can use your terminology data anywhere.

TermBase eXchange – TBX – is the international standard for mapping and exchanging information about terminology. TBX ensures that your data can be used in various software applications. The problem: TBX is not just TBX. Various dialects have emerged over time. That is why we developed tbxConnect.

tbxConnect does almost every conversion job.

tbxConnect takes over the multidirectional conversion of your terminology data from one dialect to the other. The special thing about it is: Several target formats can be generated in one conversion route. TbxConnect automates the data exchange between various internal and external systems: terminology databases, editorial systems, checking tools, translation memory systems, content management systems, ERP systems and PIM systems.

tbxConnect automates your data exchange.

tbxConnect is easy to integrate. Only minor adjustments need to be made to local or network paths. Extensions are also not a problem: tbxConnect can generally also be called up via a web service interface. However you would like your data exchange, tbxConnect will do the job for you: The program can not only be called automatically via a batch file – for example as a CronJob or via Windows task planning. Your terminology data can also be made available in the checking tool at an individual time.

tbxConnect is available in attractive package solutions.

Do you trust termXact for terminology checking? Very good. You can use automated tbx exports – for example .xml – instead of checking against Excel lists. And if you use tbxConnect in combination with termXplorer, you can use automated imports of tbx dialects from other manufacturers. By the way: You get as much tbxConnect as you need. Alternatively, integrate individual converters as a stand-alone solution or opt for the full-service solution that includes all converters in one package.

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