Virtual project management

Virtual project management

successfully introducing

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Virtual project management

successfully introducing

The world of business has become complex – and the demands on everyone involved with it. In globalized markets, teams operate across countries and time zones. Recent events have also shown that you can never be sure that you will meet colleagues, customers and suppliers in person at all times. To achieve goals together, you have to be able to work together flexibly – around the globe, around the clock. The prerequisites for this: digital competence, agile methods in project management and the right collaboration tools. In this way, you do not only cope with short-term crises. You will remain competitive in the long term.

Agility takes your projects further.

Agile project management is not new. Kanban was developed back in 1947 – to increase productivity in the Japanese automotive industry. SCRUM has been standard in IT for years. The idea behind it is simple: Projects often fail due to the complexity of the products or goals shown. That is why one concentrates on the elementary components and organizes them in manageable units. The process is optimized, added value is generated more quickly. Whether Kanban or SCRUM: The nice thing about both methods is that you can handle your projects in less time with less friction to the satisfaction of all project participants. Try it.

Collaboration tools make your team as flexible as possible.

Digital project management is efficient project management. Because project participants around the globe working together around the clock with maximum flexibility can only do so virtually. With the right project management software, everything runs hand in hand and everyone always has an overview – even external service providers, suppliers and customers who do not have access to your company network.

Why do you need TermSolutions for your virtual projects?

Terminology management is virtual project management. So we know exactly what we’re talking about. We are experts in process optimization. We have 15 years of experience in software development. We speak the language of product owner and development team. We are certified SCRUM masters. And:

At TermSolutions you get neutral, independent and objective advice for your project management.

Agile and virtual - short and crisp

Free info webinar

For those who don't have much time, there is an overview of agile methods and virtual project management in 45 minutes.

What is the "Agile Manifesto"? What does waterfall, SCRUM and Kanban mean? Which method is suitable for which project? What does collaboration software do? What tools are there? What are the benefits of virtual project management?

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Agile goes virtual

1 day workshop

We will show you how you can virtually implement agile methods with collaboration tools and get your projects to their destination more efficiently and faster.

Mind mapping, file sharing, real-time communication, calendar function, management features: Collaboration tools contain many functions that make life immensely easier and increase the efficiency of your project management enormously. There is a large selection of collaboration software. We will explain the main differences to you and use best practice examples to show you what options you have with the right software solution.

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Ready to SCRUM?

2-day coaching

Are you new to agile methods and virtual project management? Explore it with us.

In this 2-day workshop, which we offer alternatively on-site or online, we take a look at which framework conditions are necessary for the sustainable introduction of agile project management. We explain the SCRUM process to you. We look at Kanban boards. We'll show you how to decide which agile method is right for your project. We give you an overview of collaboration tools. We define a roadmap for the introduction of agile methods in your department.

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Agile in Action

Pilot project

Jump into the preheated water with us: in a pilot project.

The introduction of agility and virtual project management means the decision for a completely new way of working. Roles and responsibilities are being changed, and the rules of the game for working together are being rewritten. The self-image of all those involved in the project must be redefined. We accompany you through a pilot project - virtual and live on site - and prepare you for the agile, digital future.

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Rent a SCRUM-Master

Work-in-Process Coaching

Do you need a SCRUM master? Book us.

As a SCRUM master, we make sure that you use the framework correctly. We teach the product owner techniques with which he can effectively manage product backlogs and create the greatest possible value. Wir moderieren Anforderungsdefinitionen We moderate requirement definitions and sprints.Sprints. We solve conflicts and coach the project team in dealing with group dynamics. We take care of process administration. Your SCRUM team can focus on the sprint goal.

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