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2. Menu items and functions

Menu item / Setting


1 Show twermXact Dialog

In this window, you can make temporary settings that apply only to the current session. In the next session, the settings stored in the configuration are loaded again.

Tab Varification Mode

Language to be verified:

This setting changes the language that is to be verified in the current session, e. g. German instead of English.

On the next loading of the editor the last setting of Language to be varified will be preset automatically.


Varification mode:

Changes the varification mode in the current session, i. e. the section that has to be varified.

Please note different options regarding to the MS office programs.


      current document checks the complete document

      current selection checks the selected text


Filter Term Database:

Varification against a reduced list.

The criteria to varify against a reduced list are set in the configuration (see configuration manual).

On the next loading of the editor the last setting of Filter Term Database will be preset automatically.

Tab Colors

Here you can select the marking colours for the names found (allowed, forbidden, ambiguous).

Tab Options

Set whether special texts are to be checked (locked layers and objects, master pages, footnotes).

Tab Help

You can also call up the following functions directly via the termXact main menu.


Mail to Terminology Expert:

Send an e-mail to the terminology experts for comments, new suggestions or change requests.


View Database:

Jumps to the complete terminology inventory on which the check is based.


Terminology Help:

Additional information provided by your terminology experts.



Link to the current terminology manuals for termXact 2020.


About termXact:

Displays the version number and license terms.


Section Actions







Verify Terminology:

Starts the terminology check according to the above settings.

Important: The icon is deactivated if there is no valid licence or the licence status could not be queried by the licence server.


Remove Markers:

Removes the marks inserted by the checking process from the text.


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