Terminology work with Excel

How does terminology work in Excel work best?

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The categories make the table.

Terminology work is like calling up terms in Excel lists? Yes. But not only. Because at the beginning it is not just the content that is missing. The scaffolding is also missing. And that’s good, because it allows you to shape your terminology database according to your needs. But which data categories are indispensable in any case? How can coordination processes be mapped directly? How do you build lists so that they are optimally organized and usable? You will find out in this online workshop.

Based on the “traditional” approach of terminology management in tables, we formulate requirements for   modern terminology work  and look at what the state of the art is today. The focus is then on the implementation in Excel. Using  Best Practice   and  Working examples that you bring in yourself, we will explain to you in a clear and practical way how to set up and manage your terminology database with Excel. We look at the strengths and weaknesses of the program, dedicate ourselves to the topic of data exchange and practice work processes.

2-hour workshop

Just start: Terminology work with Excel

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