Successful appearance: TermSolutions virtually at the tekom spring conference

Successful appearance: TermSolutions virtually at the tekom spring conference

The digital annual conference of tekom had its successful premiere in November. Now the traditional spring conference took place exclusively online for the first time: with over 300 conference participants, over 700 trade fair visitors and a total of almost 4,000 guests at the lectures. The balance sheet for organizers and exhibitors is correspondingly positive. TermSolutions was also able to make optimal use of the virtual format to present its language technology solutions in lectures, product demonstrations, panel discussions and at the trade fair stand.

termXact Online at the Technology Day

In particular, the Technology Day that was taking place before it was a complete success. 135 participants followed the lecture by Prof. Dr. Rachel Herwartz on controlled vocabulary in content creation and translation. “We are pleased that the topic of terminology checking is also attracting increasing interest from larger companies,” said the TermSolutions managing director. “Terminology databases are obviously becoming more and more standard. That is why more and more terminology checks are needed. ” The newtermXact Online was particularly well received. termXact Online for Firefox, Chrome and Edge provides browser-based content management systems and systems for machine translation with the terminologically controlled vocabulary that is necessary for optimal text results. In addition, termXact offers a direct connection to crossTerm, MultiTerm, termXplorer and Qterm via TBX and, thanks to TBX Connect, accepts data directly from its own system.

NMT lecture as a conference contribution

Neural machine translation also cannot avoid terminology if it is to deliver good results – this is the conclusion Rachel Herwartz drew in her contribution to the conference on the last day of the fair. Individual engines are a key to success. The second is consistent terminology work. In her 45-minute slot, the TermSolutions managing director explained why this is the case and demonstrated how MT systems can be trained in a text-type and customer-specific manner. Registered conference participants will still be able to download the lecture for three months as a video.