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5. Verify terminology

Regardless of which data source you have specified, termXact 2021 then checks the terminology according to the information in the checklist after you have clicked on Verify Terminology.

Important: The Verify Terminology icon is deactivated if there is no valid licence or the licence status could not be queried by the licence server.

After the check, the number of terms found is first displayed in a dialogue box.

 ·       Click on button OK. The found terms will be colour coded according to the configuration settings.


On the right side the window termXact Validation Results is displayed  as described in chapter 3, Found Terms.

Now you can start to correct the terms.


·       Check the fields Term, Usage and Replace by in the section Term Details and compare them with the found term in the text.

·       Is the term really to be replaced?

o   Click on the button Replace and Next

·       The proposal in the field Replace by doesn’t match?

o   In the list below check further terms and the details.

o   From the drop down field Replace by select another term.

o   Click on the button Replace and Next

·       The found term is correct and not to be replaced?

o   Click on the button Next Anchor

·       The found term should not be found again?

o   Click on the button Ignore All


Important: Please check the grammatical correctness of the inserted term in any case. Possibly the text has to be cutomized.

Example: If you replace „robotization“ (a) by „automation“ (an) you have to adapt the indefinite article.


After successful correction the markers can be removed.

·       Click on the symbol Remove markers


Save the document just like in any usual application.

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