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4.2 Verification with TBX/XML as data source

If the terminology inventory has changed after the last check in termXact, proceed as follows:

1.      Open the configuration window and switch to the Terminology list tab.

2.     In the Data Source area, select TBX/XML.

3.     In the File tab, select the corresponding TBX dialect. Currently, the dialects termXplorer, Across, MultiTerm and qTerm are available.

4.     Click on the Browse button and select the desired TBX/XML file from the file system against which your document is to be checked.

5.     Click the Convert button.

Note: Step 5 is omitted if you have selected termXplorer, because this dialect is already available in the checkable format without conversion.

6. Save the configuration and close the configuration window. 7.

7. Click on the icon    

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