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1. What does termXact 2020 mean?

termXact 2020 is a check routine, that helps to use company specific terminology company-wide in a consistant way. The termXact-AddIn can be found in the menu bar of the respective editor that you are working with.


The special feature of termXact 2020 for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Flare is that it automatically connects to your terminology database (e.g. termXplorer) when required. Your documentation is then checked directly against the current database, eliminating the need to export terminology data from the database. If you use termXplorer and it is hosted by TermSolutions, we will inform you of the connection data when the add-in is delivered. If you use the termXplorer but it is not hosted by TermSolutions or you use a different terminology database, we can set up the service for you individually. Please contact support@termsolutions.de  for this purpose.



termXact 2020License status

The new termXact version can connect to a license server of TermSolutions GmbH. This allows you to view the current license status at any time:

  1. demo – active
  2. demo – expired
  3. single user licence – active
  4. single user licence – server not accessible
  5. licence is checked

It is still possible to purchase termXact 2020 as a company license without a connection to the license server. In the status area of the Add-In menu company license will appear.


This user manual describes the interface, the menu bar and the handling of termXact.

The terminology-checks are based on configuration settings that are carried out by a terminologie expert of your company. The settings are described separately in a configuration manual.


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