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1. What does termXact 2020 mean?

termXact 2020 is a check routine, that helps to use company specific terminology company-wide in a consistant way. The termXact-AddIn can be found in the menu bar of the respective editor that you are working with.


termXact 2020License status

The new termXact version can connect to a license server of TermSolutions GmbH. This allows you to view the current license status at any time:

  1. Trial version – Active
  2. Trial version – Trial period expired
  3. Single license – Active
  4. Single license – License server not accessible
  5. License is being checked


It is still possible to purchase termXact 2020 as a company license without a connection to the license server. In the status area of the Add-In menu Company license will appear.


This user manual describes the interface, the menu bar and the handling of termXact.


The terminology-checks are based on configuration settings that are carried out by a terminologie expert of your company. The settings are described separately in a configuration manual.

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