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8. Export terminology data

Ø  Select the languages you want to export in the „Settings“ column on the left (multiple selection possible).


Existing settings in the „Settings“ column on the left (e.g. filters, languages) affect the exported data.


Ø  Click the Export terms found button to export the entries from the results list.


·        The export dialog opens in the right-hand pane.

Fig.37 : Export input field






Ø   From the pick list, select the
termbase that you want to export.


file format


Ø  Select the format of the
export file.

Tipp: Sie können in die Dateiformate CSV, TBX, XML oder Multiterm-XML




Ø   Click on the Start button,
button to execute the export.




Ø   Click on the Reset button,
button to delete the entries.





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