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7. Import terminology data

Terminology data and entries in termbases can be imported into termXplorer using the csv file format. Other formats are prepared for import via tbxConnect.

Before a CSV file can be imported into an existing termbase, the CSV import must be configured. It is defined which field of the CSV file is to be imported into which field of the termbase.

To coordinate the import, please contact your system administrator who has configured the import and export in the backend.


Ø Start the import function by clicking the button above the list of entries found.

Fig.35: Import file button

Ø  Click the Import file button to import entries from a file.

·       The import dialog opens in the right-hand pane.

Fig.36: View import dialog

Ø    Click on the Send button,
button to start the import.

Ø  Click on the Reset button,
button to delete your entries.






Import file



Ø    Click on Browse, select the import file and click Open.



File format



Ø    Select the format of the file to be imported.


Tip: You can import files
in CSV and XML format.


Term base


Ø  Select the termbase into which you want to import.





·       The update import mode is selected by default: existing entries are updated using the term and term ID and new entries are updated with term and term ID are added.




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