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1.3 termXact for Flare


The PlugIn termXact for Flare is delivered in a zip file.

1.      Please store the zip-file in a directory of your choice and extract it into the program directory of Flare in the subdirectory Plugins.

The directory termXact-for-Flare will be created with three files:




2.     Start Flare to let the program read the files.

3.     In Flare click on File => Options => Plugins => Enable Plugin and select termXact for Madcap Flare.

4.     Restart Flare to complete the installation.
The menu item termXact will appear in the menu bar of Flare.
You can now delete the Zip file.


Note: If you are checking against an Excel terminology list and your system does not have MS Office 64Bit installed (but the 32Bit version), you must install the 64Bit version of the Microsoft Access Database Engine.

Make sure that the Executable AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe is present on your system. If it does not exist, you can download it from the Microsoft Download Center at


Then execute the executable of the Microsoft Access Database Engine with the parameter passive as administrator from the command line (e.g. in the CMD console):


AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe /passive

 Note: If you do not have administrator privileges, ask your administrator to install the 64-bit version of the Microsoft Access Database Engine.


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