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1. Installation

For the installation you need administrator rights on your PC or ask your IT-System-Administrator to install the components on all computers which will use termXact.

       Please note that termXact loads the checklist specified in the configuration each time the editor is started in the background. In the case of very large check lists, this can have an effect on the start behavior of the editor. In most cases, your terminologists can simply reduce the size of a checklist (e.g. by not including all allowed terms).

       Also note that the path specifications for the checklist and configuration file correspond to the actual storage on your system. Otherwise, error messages may appear when the editor is started.

       If the checklist and/or configuration file is stored centrally on a network drive, but not every user can access it permanently (e.g. because a user is travelling with his notebook and can only work locally): Think about the best approach for your company (how and when does the local user receive a current checklist?).

       The startup behavior of the editor may bother some users, as they rarely work with termXact, but the add-in is still loaded every time: Ask your administrator if he can change the load behavior of termXact, which is defined in the registry, using a script or batch file. It is possible to automatically set the entry „LoadBehaviour“ to the values „0“ „1“ or „2“, so that termXact is not loaded at all or is loaded manually by the user. See also: https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/visualstudio/vsto/registry-entries-for-vsto-add-ins?view=vs-2017


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